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Fin's International Family Heritage Events

Fin's International Family Heritage Events on March 20th

We are excited to host Fin's International Family Heritage Events on March 20th! Shamona Creek is looking for families who will help share your traditions with others without leaving SHAMONA CREEK!

Fin’s International Family Heritage Night. This is an amazing event in which your whole family can participate! Share your family’s heritage and be part of the fun.  We are looking for families that want to: Create a display of your family’s country of origin or of how your family celebrates a holiday 
  • Bring a dish with the recipe to share from your culture
  • Share a craft from that tradition
  • Dress up for the evening in traditional clothing or clothing to represent your country
  • Share a traditional game
  • Share a performance of a cultural dance or talent

Heritage Performance Assembly. We are looking for students to perform during school. Performance ideas for during the day include, but are not limited to:

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Playing instruments